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MCE files are coded in xml. This language consists of elements delimited by tags and described by child elements.

Here i will describe an example MCE file that I am currently making for ArmA 2 Free. The file is cut in sections and the complete file will be available at the end of this page (when I am done with it). <hide>

Software Edit

Sixense recommends to use some version of Microsoft Visual Studio that handles xml (express versions are free). This is a good idea since Visual Studio handles autocompletion, making MCE creation a lot easier!

header Edit

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<game_list xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

Note that the <game_list> tag has to be closed, this line will be at the end of our file:


Game Description Edit

Game descriptions are placed inside a game_list, this is where you will put all your bindings for one game.

Mandatory tags Edit

Configuration Filtering Edit

  • <exe_name>: name of the focused process that activates this configuration
  • <steam_appid>: a filter made for steam apps
  • <full_name>: the name to display in Motion Creator 2 list of configurations (not a filter)
  • <window_title_match>: not used in this example, can be used to filter games that share a same process name (think of all Source Engine games that use hl.exe)

Example Edit

    <full_name>*Arma 2: Free</full_name>

Once again, we will need to close <game>: