The Razer Hydra Motion Controller

Welcome to the Razer™ Hydra WikiEdit

This is the non-official Razer™ Hydra Wiki. Here is the place for everything one needs to know to get the best experience out of his/hers Razer™ Hydra gamepad.

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Why such a wiki ?Edit

I just received a Razer™ Hydra myself. I discovered how powerful the little device is and I am currently learning how to create my own motion controls to play with. This step can be quite a hastle for the beginner/non-programmer and I want to share what I learn as I dig through the Sixense™ forums and build my own experience.

This wiki will largely focus on motion control file (*.mce) creation. I feel the documentations provided by Sixense both in their MotionCreator™ Editor and on their forums could be more accessible. I hope you can find here all the answers you need. If you find them elsewhere, please share!


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